ACLS Prep Course


The Advanced Cardiac Life Support Prep course is a one day program offered to students who wish a little more time for review of the key concepts of ACLS management. This program is ideally suited to students who are new to the critical care environment and to those more experienced practitioners who have never taken an ACLS course. Ideally, participants will take this program a few weeks prior to their ACLS course to aid with & consolidate their learning.


The prep course is taught using the same study guide used in our ACLS courses. In this way we ensure that the information covered is both pertinent to and consistent with the actual ACLS course. You will receive a copy of ETA's ACLS Study Guide when you register for the ACLS course. Be sure to bring the Study Guide with you to the prep course as well. (an additional charge of $45.00 is applicable to cover the cost of the Study Guide for students taking the prep course but not taking ETA’s ACLS course).


This course covers:

  • The general approach to the patient
  • Primary & secondary surveys
  • Review of basic dysrrhythmias
  • Review of electrical therapies including defibrillation, synchronized cardioversion and transcutaneous pacing
  • Management of patients with tachycardias, bradycardias, asystole or PEA


Participants will have the opportunity to use the equipment and familiarize themselves with a variety of airway adjuncts and medications used in ACLS.


Some people take the course as a review, some as a refresher and some to build confidence in their knowledge & skills. Whatever the reason, students will come away from this course with a better understanding of the principals, drugs, equipment and approaches used in the resuscitation of adults in cardiac arrest.

This course has received a lot of positive feedback from participants. Many felt that the information learned in this course contributed directly to their success and enjoyment of their ACLS Course.

Once again, participants must come prepared to laugh, learn and have fun!

This course is open to all interested health care professionals.