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Why Choose ETA?

At ETA, we approach ACLS education for what it should be; a continuing education course designed to improve the resuscitation skills of our participants, thus enabling them to provide superior patient care.

Undoubtedly you have heard the horror stories of intimidation, anxiety and frustration associated with many ACLS courses. At ETA we strive to avoid this unnecessary stress since it is NOT conducive to learning. Our faculty recognize that adult learners have unique learning styles and should be treated with respect and compassion.

Expert instruction combined with a temperate educational philosophy allows us to provide a less stressful ACLS experience, guaranteed.

Our programs are taught by professional medical personnel with years of clinical experience behind them. At no time will we employ an instructor who does not have a working clinical knowledge of current resuscitation guidelines and emergency procedures. Information is presented in a non-threatening, relaxed environment and includes plenty of time for hands-on practice of learned concepts.

Our evaluation system allows us to provide participants with positive feedback and to identify any areas which are in need of improvement. Our ultimate goal is for each of our participants to succeed in acquiring the skills and knowledge necessary to effectively participate in the management of a cardiac arrest or resuscitation attempt.

professional medical personnel

emergency training associates

ETA believes continuing education should be an enjoyable experience.

Regardless of the course offered our extremely entertaining teaching style makes each of our courses enjoyable as well as informative. Our unique techniques of motivation, teaching and stress reduction have been developed over many years. Come prepared to laugh, have fun and learn a great deal. Questions and group discussions are encouraged.

Remember ... The only silly question is the one you don’t ask!!