12Lead ECG Interpretation


(aka Making Sense of all those Chicken Scratches!!)


Have you ever wanted to learn how to read 12 lead ECG’s but were too intimidated by the perceived difficulty of the material? Well the best learning experience has arrived!


Learn an easy, logical approach to 12 lead ECG interpretation which will allow you to both retain and apply necessary information. Ample time is allotted throughout the day for small group and individual practice of key concepts.


You must come prepared to laugh, learn and have fun.


A comprehensive workbook is provided to each participant on the day of the course. Topics covered include:

  • review of Acute Coronary Syndromes
  • indications for performing a 12 lead ECG
  • indications for performing a 15 lead ECG
  • recognition & treatment of acute ischemic events including STEMIs & Non-STEMIs
  • how to correctly perform 12 lead, 15 lead & R sided ECG’s
  • a logical, organized approach for interpreting 12 lead, 15 lead & R sided ECGs
  • treatments for acute MI including thrombolytic therapy, angioplasty & stenting
  • common complications with acute MI


At the end of the day you will be able to determine the characteristics of:

  • A normal ECG
  • Cardiac tissue ischemia or infarction
  • Location of infarct & likely potential complications
  • Bundle Branch Block
  • Axis Deviations
  • Heart chamber enlargement
  • Cardiac rhythm interpretation
  • Pericarditis

Many participants tell us this is the best, most concise & learner friendly 12 lead ECG course they have ever taken. Cheri’s animated approach to teaching makes this a fun learning experience and a definite confidence booster.

This program is offered as a two day course and is open to all healthcare practitioners.