Cardiac Rhythm Interpretation


Have you ever wondered what those squiggly lines mean on a cardiac rhythm tracing? Well then, this is the course for you! Learn a systematic, easy approach to cardiac rhythm interpretation.


Topics covered include:

  • Review of cardiac anatomy & physiology
  • Review of the cardiac conduction system
  • Placement of monitoring leads
  • Determination of cardiac rate
  • Determination of cardiac rhythms including
    • atrial, supraventricular, junctional, ventricular and paced rhythms
    • AV nodal blocks
    • Premature beats including PACs, PJCs & PVCs
    • Bundle branch blocks
    • Identification of ST segment elevation, depression and/or T wave abnormalities
  • Review of the many causes & treatments of each type of rhythm


This course is very hands-on, practical & user friendly. Students receive their workbooks on the first day of class. There is no pre-reading required and no final exam. Plenty of time is allotted to work on the numerous practice strips included in the learning package.

This program is offered as a two day course and is open to all healthcare practitioners.